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Green Roofs and

Green Walls

A green roof, also known as a living or planted roof, offers an attractive and energy-saving alternative to a conventional rooftop for both existing and new structures. A green roof can keep buildings cooler, save energy, reduce water runoff, and extend the useful life of the roof, while adding beauty and useable space. Extensive systems, common in residential applications, feature low-lying plants, such as succulents, mosses, and grasses, in a relatively thin layer of soil (1-6 inches). Extensive systems have less of an impact on the roof structure, weighing 10-50 pounds per square foot on average. Intensive systems feature deeper soil and can support larger plants including crops, shrubs, and trees. They can be  much heavier than extensive systems—ranging from 80 to 120+ pounds per square foot. All green roof systems have a waterproofing layer, a drainage layer, a growing medium, and vegetation. Climate-appropriate succulents, mosses, and grasses are often best suited for extensive green roof systems.

Green Walls help circulate clean air for small work spaces or confined living quarters. It's become a popular way to create a healthier work environment with creative living walls or movable screens.  Take a look at some of your options for a easily maintained fresh, beautiful wall of plants.