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Creating  durable  elegant  outdoor  spaces

Stairs, Walls and Walkways

The aesthetic and functional use of stone in your landscape can enhance your plantings and other natural elements of your site. Handcrafted walls and stairs can frame a garden or accent an entryway.

Bluestone, recycled concrete slabs, fieldstone, pavers, wood, or steel - the variety of materials is endless. Stones can be natural and dug up from the land, or quarried, shaped, steel-reinforced and cemented in place. Whether you choose stone, concrete, brick, or tile, carefully crafted walls or stairs can be a wonderful way to tie the indoors and the outdoors together.

Whether you choose a meticulous, dry laid stacked stone retaining wall or a mortared cobblestone entry pier, Aurora Landscape can help you define your outdoor space while adding form and function, and add character and charm to your landscape.